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July 6, 2015
Joel Osteen Best Selling Books

Joel Osteen and Joel Osteen Books over the past 16 years has written many books relating to different topics. Many of Joel Osteen Books include becoming a better you, I declare and It’s your time just to name a few. If you are book reader like myself, I find that reading the word of God is much different that the words penetrate and it is much better than watching a sermon on TV. I have put together the best top 3 Joel Olsteen Books with reviews from people around the world for you.


Your Best Life Now 7 Steps to Living at Your Full Potential

About : Houston televangelist Joel Olsteen is well qualified to write this book, having used the seven principles he shares to achieve his own “rags-to-riches” story. At the heart of Osteen’s message is that achieving a successful, prosperous life of fulfillment can only occur when we stop worrying about the past or future to make the most of each present moment by using our God-given strengths and talents to achieve our goals. The key to doing so are the seven steps Joel Osteen Books outlines: Enlarge Your Vision, Develop a Healthy Self-Image, Discover the Power of Your Thoughts and Words, Let go of the Past, Find Strength Through Adversity, Live to Give, and Choose to Be Happy. Mixing biblical teachings with his own personal experiences, Osteen explains each of these seven steps in an encouraging, optimistic manner that makes them accessible to anyone interested in principles of personal growth.

Review : 1 (Five Stars)

If you are ready for change and willing to change your life with these helpful resources then it’s a worth while book to buy. All his books are worth buying. I have pretty much all his books and bible and they have helped change the way I view and approach things in my life. His words have been a life changer for me. Again these are good resources but in order for you to understand what he is trying to say you have to be ready and open to change otherwise it will be a good read only and a great resource to go back to when needed as well.

Review 2 ( Five Stars)

Joel’s got a big internet following and a literally gigantic church in Houston – his congregation bought him the old Houston Rockets arena!! And that’s because he’s good. Even I like him, mostly because he talks straight and doesn’t tell you to Timothy 6:19-20 and if that doesn’t work then John 41:71-96!!

This book gives excellent steps to getting out from under the “Oh No Not THAT Again” cloud. Good reading.

Joel Osteen Best Selling Books

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